Netherlands finished 2014 on high Note

Netherlands finished 2014 on a high note as they sealed a 6-0 victory over Latvia which is a hugely important triumph not only for the national side but especially for GuusHiddink as the Dutch coach is under immense pressure after having lost their initial 2016 Euro’s qualification match with a loss against Czech Republic and things turned worse for Netherlands after facing another surprising defeat but this time when locking horns with Iceland and losing 2-0.

The pressure that GuusHiddink is going through, is so high that the manager stated his intention to resign as the manager of Netherlands if his team losses against Latvia.

One of the main reasons on why expectations are so high for Netherlands and Hiddink is because of the fact that the squad was able to snatch the 3rd place of the 2014 World Cup after claiming victories over big nations such as: Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Chile and Australia.

If Netherlands was able to defeat all of those national teams, fans of the team are expecting them to qualify into the 2016 Euro’s without much difficulty but things haven’t been going as planned after having lost against nations which aren’t very prominent in the world of football.

Louis van Gaal was the manager in charge of Netherlands during their 2014 World Cup campaign but he decided to step down and leave this position as he opted to turn into the coach of Manchester United and GuusHiddink now has the task of following the legacy that was left behind with big expectations that Hiddink has to fulfill but so far has not managed to do.

Netherlands is located in the 3rd spot of Group A of the 2016 Euro’s qualifications and they will be playing against Turkey and Latvia during March and June, both of these matches have to be won in order for the team of Guus Hiddink to have a realistic chance of qualifying and earning a ticket to France which is where the international competition will take place.

If more negative results continue on appearing in the next few months, Hiddink’s chances of remaining in charge of Netherlands are very slim as there are other managers who have expressed their desire of coaching the national side including Southampton’s Ronald Koeman.