The Dutch national team manager Louis van Gaal has praised the striker Robin van Persie by saying that the move to Manchester United has made him an even better striker. The 29-year-old moved to United in the summer for £ 24 million, with many questioning the decision by Sir Alex Ferguson to invest in a player who has numerous injury problems and is coming to the 30 year mark. However, Van Persie has proven to be the difference between United being at the top of the table by a seven-point advantage to being mid-table. The striker has scored several goals in the first half of the season that has been extremely crucial for United.

Van Persie is also the top scorer in the Premier league right now, while he has almost 20 goals in all competitions. The £ 24 million invested in him is proving to be a bargain. Van Gaal has also praised the striker by saying that his decision to leave Arsenal was the best. He has also been extremely good since joining United according to the former Bayern Munich manager. He has praised van Persie by saying that he has not seen a player who is continuing to improve at the age of 29.

“Robin van Persie is getting ­better and better – it’s incredible. He is a super ­professional player who really knows what he wants from his ­career and how he will achieve it. I have never seen any player reach Robin’s age and still improve as a footballer. Moving to United has been good for him – and it has been good for Holland. I had never worked with him ­before and the first thing he told me was that if I kept him on the bench he would work even harder to prove me wrong,” said van Gaal.