Anthony Hudson is receiving the flak from all quarters at the moment

The manager of the New Zealand national Football team, Anthony Hudson, is receiving the flak from all quarters at the moment because of his policy of picking teenaged players.

That policy is clearly not benefitting New Zealand as they have not secured even one international win in more than 25 months.

The last win that had come for New Zealand was in the era of the previous manager Ricki Herbert.

Since the time Hudson has taken over, it’s been a total of 11 games now and the fans are still looking for a positive result.

The condition is such at the moment that even Myanmar which is a minnow and is the 162nd positioned team in the world, they are also proving to be a hard competition and it’s really disappointing.

Some of the experts of the game in New Zealand believe there is no point for Hudson to call up those players who are too young to make an impact at the senior level.

In the views of Kevin Fallon, who himself managed New Zealand for 4 years from 1985 to 1989, the national team has touched rock bottom and it’s high time Hudson changes his policy and starts being a little wise in his selections.

Speaking on a Television channel, Fallon said, “If I was in charge, I would not have given nod to any one of these teenagers. You see some of them are yet to make their League debut.”

“Before selecting someone to feature at the international level, you must be hundred percent sure that he is ready for that.”

“The results are so very important you know. You can’t just keep losing continuously. It gets the morale of the team down. Even the top players would start feeling frustrated.”