25 thoughts on “Fight For It All – Netherlands vs Spain – FIFA World Cup Final 2010 **PROMO**

  1. people that say netherland should have won ok maybe they did since they had lost in the past but spain equally deserved to win they had the strongest squad and where the favorites to win

  2. that was more than a year ago. Please accept it, of course I didn’t like it, but next morning I realized we loosed to a better opponent. By the way, It wasn’t an offside goal and Germany or Spain but NOT Holland is going to win 2012. I’ll speak to you again on the 2nd of June 2012.

  3. Spain didnt deserve to win.. against paragay they cheated.. They didnt deserve to win..

  4. Worst day in my life seeing my country be the best team of the whole tournament and losing the finals. Come on, Spain lost to SWITZERLAND. Than you don’t deserve to win it. I hope (and think) we’ll win the European championships in Poland and Ukraine in 2012. Still can’t accept it. We were the best throughout the whole tournament, and those Spanish fuckers came up and scored an offside goal in fucking extra time!

  5. La final del mundial la recordaré como, aparte del día en que mi pais fue campeón, el día que ganó el futbol. Hubiera sido una pena que un equipo como Holanda hubiera ganado tal y como jugaron. Hubieran sido un pésimo ejemplo a todas las futuras generaciones de futbolistas

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