11 thoughts on “Holland Euro 2012 Champions NEW*

  1. I’m from Sweden. But I love the Dutch team! 😀 I became sad when Sweden won with 3-2. but the dutch will win Euro 2012. Fuck Spain.

  2. @DrPieterVanSchrinke it only looks only holand maked fauls in wc final because of de jong when you just watched the game can could have see it
    spain also did it

  3. @DrPieterVanSchrinke
    oh my god shut the hell up!!!
    you’re over dromatic
    that’s like saying Surez should get his hands cut off after his handball

  4. @DrPieterVanSchrinke Lol Why should they be banned, because they made some fauls? Dude don’t yell stuff thats not right. If you dont like fauls don’t look @ soccer and Leave, Few years ago people got kicked to broken leggs and stuff. Have you seen serious injuries at spanish side in the world cup finals? I haven’t. The yellow cards were right but banning a country. Go away thats worthless

    Second you dont get in the finals with just kicking, and the netherlands didn’t only kick. Get eyes.

  5. the current keeper of holland is good but, i miss van der Sar 🙁 ..

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