25 thoughts on “How To Pronounce Dutch Football Players’ Names

  1. Superb! Thank you! I wish more people cared about this sorta stuff…

    How do you pronounce Luc Castaignos? Also Dutch, but I suspect his name is
    maybe French? I’ve heard Dutch commentators say “Cuss – Ten – Yos” but I’m
    not too sure

  2. Haha I am dutch and it sounds like you wouldn’t have problem with learning
    dutch xd

  3. My girlfriend is Dutch and she finds it funny neither I or anyone in my
    country (Argentina) can say the “ui”. I just can’t!

  4. Everyone who wants to know how to how to pronounce the words do it exactly
    as her she does it very good. (I’m Dutch and i can’t hear that she’s

  5. It took me a few centuries to suicide and reincarnate then suicide again
    and again untill I born as a Dutch but happily I am able to say “Gregory”

  6. In Turkey we call Sneijder as Snay-der and I think he is ok with that, but
    you look cute when you get angry about it :P

  7. Belgium and Netherlands have different pronunciations therefor we people in
    Belgium would pronounce these names in a different way 

  8. Well at least I tried to say it like the Germans would. Now it’s back to
    square one I suppose! Oh you are one cute girl :)

  9. if you’re fully english it amazes me how good you pronounce their names!
    great job, greets from holland :)

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