Louis Van Gaal may not do Coaching anymore

Louis Van Gaal has surprisingly suggested that he may not be able to get himself back to soccer coaching again.

In the summer when he was making his way out of United, Van Gaal had not shut the door on his potential future employers.

He had stated back then that his coaching career still had some way to go and he would entertain new offers.

Thereafter in August, there were reports that he was interviewed by the Belgian federation, but, was unable to convince them with his project and was beaten by Roberto Martinez for the head coach job there.

Though he himself did not confirm whether he was indeed interviewed or not.

But recently he has revealed that he refused to pen a bumper deal with a club from Asia which was willing to pay him as much as 15 million Pounds per season.

And he is also understood to have admitted in the Dutch media that he is almost done with the coaching part of his life because of a personal setback that he has had to sustain of late.

As per Van Gaal, it is going to take him quite long now to be ready to take the responsibility of coaching a team again, be it in any league in the world.

The unfortunate event that has occurred in Van Gaal’s life is the demise of his son-in-law.

It’s a huge emotional blow which has jolted everyone in his family including Van Gaal himself and he doesn’t think that he can remain away from his home at all at the time of this tragedy.

Van Gaal enjoyed his time at helm at six different clubs across Europe as well as with his country’s senior team during his career.