25 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Germany (1-2) (Euro 2012 Preview)

  1. lol what a dumb ass England < Italy < Portugal < Germany < Spain

  2. germany vs england in the final and portugal vs spain in the 3rd 4th place match

  3. Nice to hear from an american 😀 I hope also the rest of usa supports germany , haha 😀 😛

  4. am i the only american watching the Euro Cup??? 🙁
    well anyway, of course Germany would win, they’re awesome like that and Holland wasn’t defending that good.

  5. agree to that … the players play so well in the other teams … sneijder @ inter robben @ germans .. and so on .. and now they just suck…i rather go do something else then watch the pathetic gameplay of netherlands.. im from netherlands btw

  6. nice done germany, holland didn’t deserve it lost from denmark, they’re just not playing good. They weren’t defending and shit. Germany will get far, nice done 😉 greetings from holland

  7. Podolski actully from polish he,s playing for germany because his gran parents

  8. Yeah i know, and that was a really bad decision from Van Marwijk, because Willems isn’t ready for a EC. Your formation looks good too, but i should place Afellay on Van der Vaarts place and Van der Wiel for Boulahrouz.

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