22 thoughts on “Netherlands Vs West Germany- 7/7/1974 FIFA World Cup Final

  1. You can see the Dutch let their animosity towards the Germans effect their performance

  2. my mom took the money and, being back in Germany , we prepared a big family feast .

  3. i was in Holland seeing the final , being 10 ….we Germans had a dutch Auntie ..there was a bet , 50 people , mostly dutch , made a bet , throwing money in pot , predicting the outcome. They all pred. a 3-0 , 4-0 aso. for Holland , even Members of my family. I was the only one predicting a 2-1 for Germany . I won at least 100 Gulden, meeting the exact result .

  4. My earliest football memories are from the 1974 World Cup, I was 6. I loved the Dutch team and remember sulking when they lost, I replayed the game with lego and they won !

  5. 55:00 Müller… und zwei eins! Ein Super Treffer. Macht ihm so schnell keiner nach. Einfach die Ruhe bewahren und das Tor schießen. Da könnte sich mancher Stürmer noch eine Scheibe von abschneiden.

  6. Great Final one of the all time classics, unfurtunate for Holland, who may be coursed after this game, 3 Worldcups Finals lost, sniff 🙁

  7. Para mi Alemania occidental no fue justa ganadora si se hubiese celebrado en España seguro que hubiese sido un afinal mucho más reñida pero Alemani jugaba genial y la naranja mecánica también no se sabría que hubiese pasado. ¡Hala Madrid!

  8. I wish this second announcer hadn’t jumped in…I can understand German well enough to follow what the other guy is saying, but I can’t even tell what language the second guy is speaking. Still a great video, though. Thanks for uploading this.

  9. y’know in some perverse fashion i think we may have been related to jack taylor… he seemed to turn against the dutch after a hour or so……

  10. ahah, beckahm and ronaldo has invented nothing, 70’s germans are the first metrosexual footballer !

  11. cruyff and beckenauer, the fathers of TOTAL FOOTBALL, i’m very happy because finally i got this match

  12. not very known copared beckenbauer or muller, but, great.
    It’ s with midfields german won this match.

  13. This is true TOTAL FOOTBALL at its best.
    The dutch were able to ‘score’ within the first minutes and the germans didn’t even get to touch the ball.
    In an interview Cruyff states that it was overconfidence in their playing style and how ‘easy’ they were winning all the other games before this one that caused them to lose this match. He believes the team got too ‘cocky’ after scoring such a fast goal, and lost concentration believing this was another walk in the park.

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