Dutch national team coach Louis van Gaal has hinted that he may retire from his managerial career at the end of the World Cup after growing tired. The former Bayern Munich coach has been managing teams for a long time, but he says that the last two years has especially been difficult. As a result, he may decide to call upon time on his career, which has seen him be celebrated as one of the best in the world. He is regarded as the mentor of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, who has high regard for him.

It was rumoured a few months ago that van Gaal was going to come to the Premier league in order to take upon the vacant managerial job at Tottenham. The 62-year-old failed to comment on the speculation back then, but he has now revealed that the London outfit came calling for him. However, he could not take up the offer since he had already committed with the Dutch national team until the World Cup. He has managed to complete the transitional period for the team after they struggled heavily at the Euro 2012.

This was despite reaching the final of the World Cup 2010. The Dutch are in a difficult group for the upcoming World Cup.

“I’m sick and tired of being the coach after two years. I’ll miss the eight times I can work with players, but I’ll have more time for others. Am I in contact with Tottenham Hotspur? Not currently. Basically, I will retire, unless a very great challenge comes along. If they are fit, yes. So 13 spots are open. Is Sneijder fit? He has another three months,” said Louis van Gaal about his future, interest from Tottenham, and Wesley Sneijder featuring for the national team at the World Cup.