25 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Predictions

  1. lucas podolski top goal scorer and germany to win the cup 2 single bets and
    a double at corals i will be doing i won just under £400 on spain and villa
    double in 2008 anyone think thats a good bet this time around ?

  2. The Ireland it’s a good team only for their ITALIAN Coach the great
    Giovanni Trapattoni !

  3. Italy won the world cup in 1934 and 1938 due to the fascist government’s
    bribery. Germany is the best today, Germany are a lot better than Spain
    (Spain only drew against Italy and were lucky to beat Croatia). I made this
    account 2-3 years ago, I don’t play CoD any more you retard.

  4. My predictons are very similar apart from Croatia going through and not
    Italy. Also, Germany-Portugal final. Other than that, Completely the same.
    (about who goes through… i think you got the 3rd and 4th positions in the
    group a bit wrong

  5. OMG you are the stupidest person ive ever seen….netherlands only 3
    points?!?!?! R U FUCKED croatia last place in the group!??!?! and poland
    2nd in the group?!?!?! you are seriously so fucking STUPID

  6. As for Italy. 3 Italian CBs and their No1 Keeper only conceded 20 goals in
    their league season, helping Juve to an unbeaten run. That is the best
    defensive record for any league team this year. Pirlo has been in immense
    form going into this tournament, being probably Juve’s best player. Yet
    neither France or Italy are considered strong enough to win this and
    somehow England are? Please, get real.

  7. very nice, congratulations, some normal fails but u got 3/4 of the
    semi-finals right so far, and can be 4/4 if england wins

  8. Italy also beat Spain so does that mean we can beat anyone? Why are english
    fans so delusional? You have never made a World or Euro final in close to
    50 years but lets automatically assume we are going to make the finals :

  9. You don’t know anything, the England squad is MUCH better than 2010, better
    defence, better wingers and better midfielders. But losing Lampard and
    Barry to injury is shit.


  11. Sigh. Terry was sent off in the second last match of the ENTIRE
    competition, and missed the final. In the final, both Cole and Cahill
    played as well as Lampard, all of whom played throughout the competition
    too. Look: who did Juve play outside Serie A this season? Were they in any
    European competition, let alone the CL knockouts? No.

  12. And you brought up penalties? Really? England? Are you joking? The worst
    nation at penalties ever. Lampard missed his in a world cup match.

  13. You cannot possibly believe that Chelsea had a good defense in the league.
    Which according to you consists of the bulk of Englands defense. Italy had
    more clean sheets in the qualifiers, conceded less goals than England, and
    the 3 CBs who will make up the heart of the defense conceded about 30 goals
    less than Terry and Cahill in the league. Pirlo is definitely better than
    Lampard or Gerrard (Unbeaten run, final in the coppa, world cup winner).

  14. I agree with the fact that Russia are going to lead the group, they clearly
    will outshine the others in Group A. However, people are underestimating
    the Czech Republic a lot, I mean they have talent.

  15. You pull the dark horse card in order to claim that England have a chance
    of winning. Just like people pulled the Golden Generation one to claim they
    could win previous tournaments. Similar deluded mindset based on your
    Xenophobic country. Your coach has had the job for what, less than a month?
    Thats no preparation at all.

  16. The Netherlands & Germany will go through, Portugal and Denmark out in the
    first phase. I believe it will be The Netherlands v Spain in the FINAL and
    The Netherlands win 1-0 THE NETHERLANDS WILL WIN 2012 Am I dutch ? NO ! I
    just think that football is all a fucking FIX !

  17. I’ve mentioned past tournaments only to point out how deluded your fans
    are. And I’ve isolated one moment to actually add facts to my argument
    (unlike you I might add). Which players are coming into this tournament in
    strong form? Not the English. I’ve pointed out how other nations have
    players who actually have been world class, yet you rely on Argumentum ad
    Populum and other baseless facts to support your point that you have world
    class guys. And it’s Italy.

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