23 thoughts on “Euro 2012 England vs Germany Gameplay

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  4. Corners are crap on Fifa…there’s never any players on the back posts and
    it’s not really physical enough, look how far they are out. Players are
    usually in the 6 yard box putting pressure on the keeper.

  5. Fifa 12 cheeky bastard….. why is gerrard? caroll etc not in england

  6. there is alot of new stuff im sure, i wouldnt expect a video to justify all
    the changes they have made

  7. Can’t see anything new in the gameplay. And, no offense, the guy playing
    with Germany totally blew it, how can he concede 3 goals while having more

  8. new stadiums new kits new commentary new menus expedition mode coke zero

  9. looool whos playing whith germany is crap! no offense he missed lots of
    chanses to score loooooool!!!

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