6 thoughts on “Football Today: Euro 2012, Group B (Holland, Germany, Portugal, Denmark)

  1. I´m portuguese and i believe in this team. The thing is that with Portugal we never know what can happen, we can play beautifully and beat holand, spain, england, germany, like we did before in the euro and world cups, and then everything can go wrong and we loose the finals with greece ( 2004). We don’t measure up teams only by their results but also by their passion, creativity and capacity to overcome difficulties and hazards, and we have a lot of the last ones, 2 years at the group of death

  2. Why are you guys so hot on Portugal? Didn’t you watch any of their qual games? Their defensive line is full of holes, they don’t have a midfield playmaker who can set up players like Ronaldo which means he is invisible in most games. I see Portugal as the weak spot in the group; Yes they have individuals, but there is no collective team effort as seen with the 1-3 defeat at home against Turkey where they look like headless chikens.

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