16 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Denmark 0 – 1 Group B Euro 2012

  1. This group of Germany was nothing only Portugal was strong too ,,Germany had some luck as they won with difficulties (1-0) ,but Portugal deserved to win on Germany cause they played better at the 2th half,,then there`s no Spain or Italy or Croatia in this group and for these reasons Germany qualifed to the seconth round ..

  2. Yes,Germany is strong team since the last 6 years ,When Germany lost againest Italy with (0-2)in 2006 in Germany,,there was a friendly game againest Italy too and Germans lost with (1-4) in April month 2006,,yes Germany ist still strong then Germany lost twice againest Spain (0-1) in 2008 and 2010 ,,Actually Germans had many lucks cause Spain should win at less with (2-0) or maybe more ,,

  3. from the last 6 years, germany is different, now germany is harder,i am just telling u to think hard. friendy matches don’t mean everything,but to think that germany had alot of luck, you’re WRONG, to talk about coordination, germany is the best. one of the most prolific strikers, mirosav klose is gonna suppass the brazilian ronaldo, theres mario gotze and podolski, etc..

  4. Germany had some lucks cause there  were no Spain or Italy or France ,,these strong teams defeated Germany many times especially the last 6 years,,Germany lost many times againest Italy ,,lost many times againest Spain ,,lost also many friendly< games againest France ,,you should be think well and don´t show yourself so high ,oOK.

  5. ast day today for the Dutch your going home boys lol…
    You have good players but collectively you are awful, defence is shite, the left back is shocking, goalkeeper is dodgy and two donkeys in the centre midfield is going to win you nothing. Van Bommel should be retired and Van der Vart has to start. Robben is a pre madona…
    No chance today guys to qualify sry….

  6. Never Germany cause Germans only talking and show themselves,,but if they will face these strong teams like Italy ,Spain ,Croatia ,,there´s no chance Germany will lose againest these teams which I wrote it above ,,What about  Denmark in the same group ??

  7. i think germany or spain or italy gonna win! love germany to, im dutch and ten and someone in my classroom is from germany ( :

  8. Who its the number 3 of Netherland i think i play better , like a defense !!!

  9. Germany will  lose againest Denmark cause Denmark is strong team ,,I hope Holland & Denmark will win this group and will qualify to the next round,,Best greeting to Denmark and Holland with love ..

  10. the dutch team deserved to lose..they where cheering yesterday morning like first 3 points is in the pocket..but Denmark won the game..haha

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