25 thoughts on “Portugal vs Holland World Cup 06 Fouls

  1. It’s not just the colonization factor but truly a surviving factor. The otomans were half through europe, it was a question of time until they submit many european nations. The Naval Battle of Diu crushed the otomans domain in the indic ocean, which was an economic disaster for them. Moreover, it forced them to divert resources to fight the portuguese. Many european nations should erect a monument to Fracisco de Almeida, the avenger father.

  2. False. Well, Portugal IS the reason the Netherlands and all the oher Europian countries got the chance to colonize. But, the Netherlands as country WOULD indeed exist. as it was revolts against the Spanish king Filips II and the Union of Utrecht. which had the provinces of Gelre, Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht and Friesland in it. (Which were controlled by stadtholders). The first king of the Republic of the Netherlands, Willem van Oranje (Or Willem I) is basically the reason the Netherlands exist.

  3. Waarom is iedereen zo negatief over nederland wij kwamen wel verder in 2010. En ze hebben, gister tegen Spanje, verloren bij de penalties.

  4. This time the game was fair and Maniche doesn’t play anymore, but we won again against the orange guys. Like always

  5. If it wasn’t for us, the portuguese, you dutchies would not even exist as a country, you would be just a german province. Which country defeated the turks in the indian ocean and allowed the europeans to expand and create empires? How the fuck you think your ancestors managed to conquer lands in asia? Go read some history books. Holland is a country of vultures.

  6. Portugal fucked holland again. they tought they were going to win the euro.kakakakakakaka. fuck you

  7. @JB20SV
    don’t get cocky no one in the world really knows anything about you portugese accept that you’re football players are gay pussy’s
    And you’re inabilaty to speak english ore have an erection

  8. So the Portuguese players are the the beasts: @0:41 @2:50 @3:19 @4:30 ????
    Portuguese players are from Hollywood: @0:54 @2:10 ???????

  9. If I kill one person, is it less severe than if i hit 5 people? Netherlands started the match with only one intention. Got screwed by the portuguese. They deserved to loose.

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