25 thoughts on “World Cup Final 2010 Spain V Holland – Nigel De Jong Chest Kick

  1. God, I hate the way players protest their innocence even after clear fouls. Show some honesty and own up to it!

  2. that was so much more worse than what zidane did 😀 and no red card :D holland were so aggressive that game 😀

  3. I do not understand how that ref can be in all the big games… finals… Chelsea-ManU etc etc… he is a really bad ref..

  4. wow the only real foul against a spainish or barca player, dont need to pay refs to get that call.

  5. How did he not get a red card

    He had two feet in the air, he had his studs pointing out and his foot was high

    It does not matter if he was going for the ball or if it was an accident he should get a red card for that.

  6. Ok. Hold on, gonna pick a gun and shoot randomly. If someone gets killed, it was incidental contact 🙂

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