25 thoughts on “The Netherlands Will Win The 2010 World Cup!

  1. it’s football, not soccer… Only the Americans call it soccer…

    Sorry, only the US population 😉

  2. Netherlands Have Everything, Except Good central defenders … If you have weak central defenders like Johnny Heitinga, Andre Oijer you will not survive till the end

  3. het WK 2010 was toch niet om aan te zien, de enige club die aantrekkelijk voetbal speelde was Duitsland…

  4. Nog alleen EEN jaar
    Only ONE more year
    till we win the EURO2012 !
    Proud to be dutch !

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA your FOOTBALL level? You guys won because Inieste tricked the ref by sending off Heitinga. If your team was THAT good, why could they only win against 10 in EXTRA EXTRA time? No…don’t talk shit. Respect our team, and we respect yours.

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