25 thoughts on “Raw Video: Huge Convoy of Dutch Fans Cross SA

  1. See every one escept the U.S.A knows how to celebrate! The U.S’s lazy ass stay inside their house drinking beer watching TV and shit when celebrating. Us ppl go outside do random stuff, even destructive stuff to celebrate! I mean when my country celebrates something in the U.S, hav cops there checking us out or ruining the celebration, and Etc, In my country the cops join us to celebrate!

  2. .. was On  ma way from port elizabeth wHen I saw this steady stream of endless cars, only to realise later on the news they dutch fans

  3. @CameronStewart And where was England? Ahaha nowhere haha, what a joke were you guys.. Me and a german friend were laughing so hard

  4. Hier kun je als Nederlander toch alleen maar trots op zijn? En als buitenlander jaloers? 😉

  5. Wish I could’ve been there.. instead I’m in the middle of my exams D;

    So far I haven’t missed a match though.

  6. I heard Blacks in SA. and goin to get their machetes and masscre all the white people in the next week BEWARE!..

  7. You mean fuck the africans? The world cup has nothing to do with africa except using it as a host nation. AIDS was most likely transferred to humans when the bushmen got exposed to the blood of apes they were cutting up, it could have gotten into their mouths or preexisting wounds. Having sexual intercourse with one is highly unlikely.
    Either way, ur comment shows how mind blowingly dense you are so stfu. Dont bother retaliating , i dont like to argue with kids.

  8. Fuck the world cup. Those African fucks tortured a cow and cut its throat and drank its blood – so proud of that they used that for the opening. Africa routinely gets a knife and slices off the clitoris of young girls, and they also still accuse children and adults of WITCHCRAFT & will torture them. Stone them to death, dismemberment, and burn them alive.Those savages deserve the AIDS that infects their continent epidemically.They need to quit getting butt fucked by chimpanzees-originating AIDS

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