23 thoughts on “Wearing your Passion, with Passion by Carlsberg

  1. No es porque yo lo valga sino porque ninguno se lo ha merecido.Lo que no sé el si es por quererme,ahora puestos a elegir prefiero un cachas portero de discoteca para que me busque y me cante el cara al sol.

  2. Who´s doing the PR for Carlsberg? Gosh, seen two of their videos now and I don´t likey! Hm, the one with beer vs walk-in closet is great though!

  3. The music on our Face Paint TVC has been especially composed for Carlsberg by music company Massive Music Amsterdam.
    The track is not available to the public though.

  4. but the ”rockpart” is from an old rock song and we wonder if anyone knows 🙂

  5. In my country this ad comes with italian fan which dressed like roman warrior instead of german fan and without polish fans.

  6. Different commercials in different countries it seems, in Sweden the guy who sits at the table has a Swedish flag painted on his face and some parts are not there or in a different order.

  7. The song has been composed specially for Carlsberg for this specific commercial. But I already grabbed the audio from this video. Very nice song.

  8. LOL when I watched this on TV the guy with the Spanish flag painted on the face had instead the Portuguese flag…

  9. Terrible advertising campaign. I actually use to be a huge fan of carlsberg, but since I heard the song in this commercial, I decided to take my business elsewhere. It is the worst song of all time. I don’t know who the person who composed it sleeps at night.

  10. она сделана специально для этой рекламы, полной версии нигде нет.

  11. authors – Roel Gommans & Jules Reivers
    I try search this composition, no results 🙁
    Very nice sound!

  12. Ok,em-kisat ovat vieneet yöunet.Ehkä se selittää miksi itkin kun näin tämän mainoksen.

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