6 thoughts on “West Germany Vs Netherlands- 24/6/1990 Round of 16 FIFA World Cup Part 3 of 3

  1. Unfortunantly two legand teams meeting the second round´╗┐ one had to lose. Dutch didnt do themselves any favours by not winning any of their matches.

  2. @MrCOALMINER75 Germany vs Spain euro 2012 final ­čÖé England fan´╗┐ here ­čÖé

  3. The only team which was able to beat Germany was the wonderful english team with GAZA. They´╗┐ lost unlucky against us. Respect from germany to england… and … good night dutch side!!!.. You’ll never be worldchampion. NEVER!!!

  4. Yes, though I always admired the German fighting spirit. They never gave up and worked´╗┐ like a machine till the very end. Not many teams can do that.

  5. that dutch side never accomplished what´╗┐ they should have. but then again this was a very good german team.

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