25 thoughts on “World Cup 1974 – Holland vs Uruguay (4Dfoot)

  1. He’s hated because he’s a prima donna, a poser who cares more about looking good than anything else, unlike Messi for example who doesn’t bother about the cameras but plays from his heart. Besides, Ronaldo couldn’t tie the laces of the boots of Messi, Pele, Maradonna, Cruyff and others. These guys are legends of the game unlike Ronaldo.

  2. As Cruijff famously said, we are more famous by loosing the final than by winning it. The Fact that w’re still discussing it today supports that. Holland 74 will be forever famous and is getting more and more credits by Cruijff being the basis of Holland 74, Ajax and now Barcelona and now Ajax again. Barcelona is proving Cruijff footbal philosophy, i love it.

  3. nice evading of the offside trap in the opening moments from Uruguay, very alert.

  4. u didnt see the game right, Holland didnt played his best game, but wasnt cuz of the tempo, was cuz they failed the the claearest chances to score, and Germany taked advantage of that, is like nowdays when the Barcelona Lose most of times is cuz they fail the clearest chances, but yeah ur right they isolated Cruyff, but they didnt played that good in that game, they were just more effective in front of the Goalkeeper.

  5. They were the better team in the game though. Germany didn’t have a great world cup but they completely isolated Cruyff in this game. Total Football is extremely tiring as it requires interchanging of players and Holland just couldn’t keep up the tempo and in the end the better team did win.

  6. i hope cruijff would coach the national team one day, best player ever
    1970s dutch team is the best team ever created

  7. 3:44
    juz imagine If he cruijf was busquets,,,, 100% the goalkeeper will be eliminated << 😀

  8. There are 31 countries that participate at the tournament to win the World Cup,
    but there is only ONE country that wants to show the world how beautiful they play.

    I hope one day they will win the World Cup with beautiful possession game

  9. Today I read a good article written on an important Italian newspaper (the author is a quite famous writer, Baricco) who describes football (and life, too) starting from this video.

  10. Germany was the winner of that cup, but Germany wasnt the best team of the cup

  11. hahaha, first of all, you are from the United States (not american asshole), what can you posibly know about football? You call it SOCCER for god’s sake. Second, how old are you? 9? Go back to school or ask your mommy, but please stop teasing people that you don’t know, don’t you have better things to do? Read it again, CAREFULLY boy, and read the comment that I responded to, then you ask me for an apology and you can go to bed with a midnight snack. Take care my child.

  12. hahaha, how old are you? 9? Please go back to school or ask your mommy, don’t come teasing people that you don’t know. Don’t you have better things to do? Take care boy.

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