25 thoughts on “World Cup 1974 Final – Germany 2:1 Netherlands

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  2. Did you mean uruguayan? Because I’m not hungarian, I’m from Uruguay.
    Also I never said Hungary is the best team in the world, I ment to say, and I stick to my guns in this one, that the Magic Magyars were the best team that ever played a world cup related to the remaining teams of that tournament compared to the other best teams of any other world cup related to the remaining teams of their respective world cups.

  3. what are u trolling about? Brazil, Argentina, Holland etc are the best teams to play a world cup, hungary doesn’t even play in the same league, maybe with albania or bulgaria u can compare them, not with the team that inspired Barcelona. I’ve seen ur channle, ur hungarina, no need for chauvinism here bro, this is sport, not politics.

  4. Germany won and became champion. They deserved it, didn’t get it as a present. On the other hand, everybody that understands football will remember that Holland was the best. If you think of the football of the 70s, you think of Holland and not on Germany, Argentina…The same in the 50s, the first team to come into your mind is Hungary, champion or not.

  5. That’s what dutch people say since so many years now. Before 2010 you just played 2 finals (1974&1978). Wow, so you lost ALL of them TWO. Okay, now it’s three. On the other side, Germany played 7 finals and lost 4 of them. Plus ENDLESS Semi-finals.

  6. Yeah. You can check out most of my comments because they are mostly too stupid bitches that r the well England would have won.

  7. I hate that too. Its so paranoid. And btw, that goal counted already in 1966 which gave them their only cup.

  8. The Klu Klux Klan were never elected and didn’t send a nation to war to kill all jews and oppress people, that’s a big difference. Sure, not all Germans are Nazi’s but if you’re German you’re part of a nation that did terrible things not too long ago.

  9. oh i see, so now ur callin them nazis, idiot. here is how it works, most nazis are german but just cause ur german does not mean ur a nazi. it’s like callin all americans members of the Ku Klux Klan. germans definitely deserved to win, u dont deserve to win if ur arrogant, that was how the dutch, and they payed for it.

  10. how on earth are these lies! sit down, watch the match, see what im talkin about, and stop acting like u know everything. also, i cant see how that is a schwalbe, the only person u should be complaining to is that defender who makes very very late challenge, german penalty is just as much a penalty as dutch one.

  11. I agree – But you have also to accept that neither Hungary or the Netherlands were playing their best football in the finals.

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