24 thoughts on “England v Holland Press Conference | 23/02/12

  1. A nation of 60,000,000 people have come up with your SEVEN players – wheres your list of 50 talented players??

    Our nation, which has the supposed best league in the world yet we IMPORT ALL THE TALENT and have 25% of the rest being the English “Heart” of each team.
    Do the Maths mate – its disastrous for English football.
    Its more proof that English people are not running our league? if the Scottish, the Germans or the French were running our footy it would end up just like this!

  2. Barcelona and Real Madrid – especially, have always done well for as long as Ive been alive BUT Spain only joined in the doing well game about 6 years ago – before that they were shittier than England and had won exactly NOTHING!

    Since SKY TV and Man UTD (SKY’S TEAM) took over English Football in 1992 the English team has gone from Golden generation to garbage and 70% of all the the 1000’s of millions of £’s made have ended up in the back pockets of about 750 people – do the Maths!

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  4. Look at Spain – about 4 of their clubs do well yet they’re the best in the world.

  5. no new talent??? what are you on about… welbeck, sturridge, wickham, cleverly chamberlain mceachran rodwell. theres loads. now shut up

  6. All the English players left in the top half of the prem..because thanks to our great prem league – the envy of the world – we have no NEW English talent to pick from.

    Didnt every “big club” open a so called academy? These institutions cost millions of fans money and produce 1 player for every 10 imported – OUR FOOTBALL IS A TOTAL SHAMBLES with only 6 to 8 clubs in the entire country doing well!

  7. Quote “Alex needs to play in at least 100 prem games before setting foot in a full England squad” ….says the I Q of 8, Mr Stuart Pearce!!

    But yet a “not that good a player” Frazier Campbell strolls in?

    Marvelous – the England team has gone further and further BACKWARDS since the SA world cup ans no English man seems to be powerful enough to do anything about it!

  8. Maybe Kevin Strootman are gonna playthis match He is a dutch youngstar. But I think van Marwijk will start with Van der Vaart.

  9. would be awesome… but i dont think van der vaart will play on de jongs spot in this match.. england is not san marino 😉

  10. Netherlands formation:
    GK: Stekelenburg
    RB: Emanuelson
    CB: Heitinga, Mathijsen
    LB: Pieters
    CVM: Van Bommel
    CM: Van der Vaart
    AM: Sneijder
    LW: Robben
    RW: Kuijt
    CA: Van Persie

  11. ye bt still he only played like 10 games this season so if he keep that quality rest of the season for sure he can go to euros but this he is just 18

  12. GK: J.HART

  13. I was hoping Heskey would play, than we (holland) would have a better chance to win xD

  14. His ears are huge! He is a good coach, but I think Redknapp should be manager in the Euros. Brilliant man manager, and has a lot of english players playing great football for Spurs.

  15. fuck cleverly hes shit… pearce should get the job permanently, ive been sayin it since summer 2010.. he knows the next generation like the back of his hand so why not.

  16. This is how England should line up in my opinion
    GK: Hart
    RB: Richards
    CB: Jones
    CB: Cahill
    LB: Cole
    CML: Cleverly
    CM: Parker (C)
    CMR: Gerrard
    LWF: Young
    RWF: Welbeck
    CF: Rooney

  17. you clearly have no watched arsenal week in week out like i do, he has been amazing at club and u21 where as walcott is a huge flop and nowhere near the quality of anyone on the wings look at young he is amazing compared to him.

  18. Ox played one good game vs blackburn? 11 vs 10 and u think he is wolrdclass?

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