20 thoughts on “ITV Dreams v What Really Happened (Euro 2012 England Adverts)

  1. yes at least we can admit Scotland are shit at football England go on as if
    they are brilliant but really they are just average nothing special and the
    only reason the Barclays premier league is good because it is full of
    players from different countries.

  2. Caron’s just shows what an absolutely awful choice it was by Mclaren to put
    him in for his debut on such an important stage. Wally with a brolly!

  3. Thanks. I wanted to find this so I can show my Croatian friend that I
    wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t lost.

  4. because lots of foreign players know the barclays premier league is the
    best league in the world

  5. you refering to Newcastle being 10 points ahead of Man United, and Kevin
    keegans “i would love it if, we beat them” interview?

  6. What an amazing end to an amazing Premier League season! Maybe Sky or ESPN
    will make similar ‘What if’ adverts for next seasons coverage. Certainly a
    lot of ‘what if’s this season! Well done City, and well done to my team

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